Bamboo Yoga Block, Bamboo Handstand Block

Wooden  Bamboo Yoga Block, Bamboo Handstand Block

- Recycled Material used, made of natural and eco-friendly bamboo.
- Non-toxic, odorless, and water-resistant.
- Standard size: 9" x 6" x 3". Customized size /designs are welcome 
- Weight: Lightweight & portable.
- Weight limit: none, all weights/sizes supported.
- Use: indoors or outdoors (do not leave in sun/rain).
- Set up: ready to use immediately without mat, hard surface preferable.

Washing & Maintenance
- Daily cleaning: clean with clean, damp cloth to clean.
- Deep cleaning: organic cleaning fluid can be used for cleaning.
- After cleaning, place it in a cool and ventilated place and dry it before storing it.
- Do not expose to sunlight or rain for a long time.
- Do not put in the washing machine.

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