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Sleeping Eye Mask

Sleep masks are more than an accessory for rockstars and 20th-century prima donnas. While they’ve gone in and out of vogue, sleep masks are also a practical addition to your night routine. They can help block out light and help improve your sleep.

There are a lot of different options out there, though — many with extra features that can offer additional benefits. We picked the best sleep masks out there, so read on to find out which could be the right fit for you to finally get some quality shut-eye.

Eye Mask Feature :

No power supply required, easy and practical.

Hot & Cold Eye Mask


Silver ion (it is proved by electrification)


Keeping eye warming


Skin-friendly design

Anti-electromagnetic wave radiation, anti-static

Effectively prevent radiation damage to the eye essence caused by high-voltage lines, radio stations, TV stations, radar stations, electromagnetic transmission towers, etc.

1. Warm the eye area and keep it Hydrated

2. Help falling sleep and improving sleep quality

3. Good for the eyes

4. Improves Migraine

5. Helps with Depression

6. Relieve eye fatigue

SIZE:22X11.5 (+-2%) Tolerance. 

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