• EVA yoga brick - round SHAPE
  • Natural Cork Yoga Block Brick Egg Oval

Round Shape Yoga Bricks, Yoga Blocks

Yoga Egg / Oval Shaped Blocks Bricks are especially designed to provide extra comfort and an easier hand grip, whilst adding extra stability due to rounded edges and special size. 

These oval cork block are a great option to used under the legs in seated postures. Placing the cork egg oval brick under the knee prevents knees and hips ligaments tension. These oval cork yoga blocks can also be used for reclining postures and supported back bends as they conform beautifully to the arc of one's back - place 3 or 4 eggs side by side for a wide support. Try using the cork yoga eggs under your hands in forward bends and see how the oval shape allows you to gently move deeper in to your posture. This is also a very useful for people who have difficulties on laying the knee on the floor in the lotus posture. This oval cork yoga block is not only functional but also provides ultimate comfort, softer feel and wellness during poses and practice.

The lightness and the soft feel of cork, its ability to absorb physical and acoustic shocks makes it an excellent choice for yoga products. Cork is non-allergenic, anti-fungal, anti bacterial, anti static and fire resistance. Cork is also Eco friendly, biodegradable and recyclable and a fully renewable resource.

You can't beat the feel of warm cork on your hand!!! Just choose your design.

Sold singularly but we recommend having two as a minimum for use in postures. Namaste.

Suitable for: All types of Yoga, Pilates, supporting, stabilizing and aligning the body in asanas
Material:  Natural Cork / EVA 
Dimensions: 305x120x75mm

Made inTaiwan
Care instructions: Wipe clean with a damp cloth

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