• Deep Tissue Massage Gun

Massage Gun,Deep Tissue Massage Gun

How to use a massage gun
So, how exactly do you use one of these things? As we mentioned above, there aren’t any hard and fast guidelines, so it’s best to start small to make sure you don’t accidentally hurt yourself.

When you’re new to percussive therapy, it’s a good idea to start with the lowest setting on your device and massage a muscle for only 30 seconds.

As you get used to using the massage gun and get a better idea of how it helps you, you can adjust the settings or the length of time to be a better fit for you. Note, though, that it’s rare to massage any single muscle for longer than 2 minutes at a time, and doing so could lead to increased soreness.

To use it, place the head approximately 1 inch away from the muscle you want to target and power on the device, slowly moving it up and down the length of the muscle while it works its tension-melting magic.

Be sure to follow the instructions that are included with the device you buy, too, because instructions may vary among devices (for example, more powerful massage guns may need to be used for a shorter period of time or held slightly farther away from your body).