About us

Our Company 'Relax International Co., Ltd.' is a leading manufacturers and exporter provider in the field of Yoga mat , Exercises mats, Pilates & Yoga props, Fitness accessories, Boxing equipment, massagers, Children and Adult sports equipment, and Wellness accessories. 

Our works include ODM (Own Designing and Manufacturing), and also welcome OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer), Trading, and service. 

We have a good reputation in PVC, PP, TPR(TPE), ABS, EVA, PU Foaming, Injections, Sewing, Laminating, and Foaming to meet wide industry needs and satisfy our customers.

Unless otherwise specified, we only use raw materials that pass the SGS test to ensure the product is safe for consumer use. 

We have a strong capability in production, professional R&D, and quality control, which benefit our customers. The reasonable pricing and good service after the sale will meet customers' needs all the time. Certainly, we would like to be your best business partner.